‘Photographers Should Write More’

por mayra vilar lins

E ai?
“(…) Ideas and stories, that’s what I want to read. Photographers are interesting people. They travel frequently, move to different cities on a whim, hang out with interesting people, get lost in unknown places, are interested in science, sociology, psychology, sexuality, pop culture, weird hobbies, they go broke, take impossible chances, assist professional assholes, date crazy photographers, etc. They’re curious. They’re explorers. They live in a world of ideas. They have stories to tell.
But shouldn’t all that be in the photographs? I hope so, but words will still be important. I might be wrong here, but I think we’re moving into an era where words are going to become increasingly more important to understanding photographs, if not absolutely necessary. People don’t trust photographs and we’re inundated with so many on a daily basis that it really becomes difficult to make sense of them. Writing helps us orientate ourselves.(…)”
texto de Bryan Formhals