Photographic Clichés

por mayra vilar lins

segundo Martin Parr:
The Fine Art and Documentary photographers take great pride in thinking themselves superior to the other main genres of photography, such as the family snap shooter or the amateur photographer, as personified by camera club imagery. However, after 30/40 years of viewing our work, I have come to the conclusion that we too are fairly predictable in what we photograph.(…)’

foto de Stefen Shore

1- The above ground landscape with people.
2- The bent lamppost.
3- The personal diary.
4- The Nostalgic gaze.
5- The quirky and visually strong setting.
6- The street
7- The black and white grainy photo.
8- The New Rich.
9- I am poet.
10- The modern Typology.
11- The staged photo.
12- The formal portrait.
13- The long landscape.