as árvores são fáceis de achar

‘Tree’ por Myoung Ho Lee



“NAMI is a series of photos of waves around the shores of Sado Island in Japan. The photographer, a young Buddhist monk named Syoin Kajii, watches the water patiently, waiting for a moment of surprise.”


“IRUKA is a journey between two elements such as ying and yang, plus and minus, response and motion. Rapid witching between them or an attempt to cross them causes an exposure of disruptive physical reaction which this dance intends to. IRUKA, translated as ” Are you here? “, also poses the question like ” For what purpose does body exist here? ”
—Kota Yamazaki


“Capturing sky, air and light as substance and color, Asuka Katagiri creates tangibility from the intangible. He distills their essences into quiet meditative compositions vibrating with life.
In an unconventional use of photography, Katagiri opens the camera’s shutter to the empty sky discovering glorious variations of color and emotion. Free of any post-shooting manipulation, his work does not demand that the viewer interpret it with signifiers and references, instead, it asks us to stop and contemplate a moment of light.”

Formes Urbaines

série em construção do Xavier Delory:


Kim Boske, 1978, The Netherlands, is an experimental photographer based in Amsterdam.  Her photography deals with time, perspectives and space. It is a research in which time and space run together. She focuses on the mutability of things. In her series Mapping she merged different moments in time, investigating how physical movement in time and space change our perspectives.(…)”